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Assembly's center of bouyancy

Question asked by David Urasky on Apr 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by Rick McWilliams
I am working with high school students and the design of submersible ROVs. Each vehicle contains many components of varying volumes and densities. There are some components specifically designed for floatation while others are for ballast. My question is; can SolidWorks be used to locate the center of buoyancy and the amount of buoyant force in an assembly?

Before it is said, I know that I can use SolidWorks to find the volume of the individual enclosed parts and knowing their mass I can find individual buoyant forces. The sum of those forces should be the total buoyant force, but to find the center of buoyancy it now becomes quite a practice in vectors. I want to be able to have my students make many design iteration and always know whether the vehicle is balanced fore to aft and neutrally buoyant.