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How can I study the stress of a  cap screw under torque?

Question asked by 1-D88IXC on Apr 21, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by 1-D88IXC
How can I study the stress of a cap screw under torque?

Condition: two parts and sercued with cap screws. Need to study the stress of these two parts as well as the socket head cap screw as it's quite long (M3x30)

1. How to contraint the cap screw thread portion which is engaged within tap hole?
2. How to simulate the torque applied on the cap screw head?
3. Do I need to applied the resultant normal force on the cap screw head which touch on counter-bore ?
4. How to define the contact set?
5. How do I know the thread will be damaged by the torque applied?