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Configuring VM (Page File) on Dell 690 WorkStation for SW 2008 x64

Question asked by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Apr 21, 2008
Latest reply on May 9, 2008 by Mauricio Martinez-Saez
We just change the configuration of the memory on one of our WorkStations and notice a great improvement on estability and performance of SW 2008 sp 3.1 working on Windows XP Prof. x64.

We increase memory of one of our machines to 16MB of physical RAM and remove the dedicated page file (swap) HD (configuring the system with no VM Page File on HD. The result is that the machine works about 35% faster and we have no crash (at least for now). Before, the performace of the software degrades once the program takes over 3GB of memory and then as the performace continues goin down the software crash. Now we load (Full resolved) large assemblies requiring over 8MB of memory and the machine is estable as a rock. We believe that the poor performance and inestability was caused by all the I/O to the HD.

So expend some $ on Chips and increase productivity... by the way use the faster memory you can get and have all chips be the same.