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    Limitations for student edition

    Tan  TS
      hi, what is the limitations in using the student edition compared to the professional edition? anyone?

        • Limitations for student edition
          None, that I know of except it has a limited time, 24 months or less. No upgrades or service packs. It is the prior released version. Right now the 2007-2008 version is 2007 service pack 2 or something. You must register it on line. It is for one computer only. No support except for registration. It also has the notice on everything that it is for educational use only. It is not for anything except for teaching purposes. The students here user it. We have not had any functionality problems including Floworks.

          I hope this helps.
          • Limitations for student edition
            Rick McWilliams
            There is a peculiar limitation in that a full price version of solidworks cannot be on the same machine as a student version. My wife wants to take a class at the local college. She will have to remove the legitimate version from the machine to be able to run the student version.