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Multi body Sheet Metal

Question asked by 1-9C36HC on Apr 20, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2008 by Mauricio Martinez-Saez
Does sheet metal support multiple body metal parts in a single part file? Yes... well almost.
I had a user ask me in a SWUG last week if we're planning to support multi-body sheet metal in the near future. My answer is, of course, I can not tell you, but I'm not aware of anything we are doing near term for this. The fact of the matter is that WE CAN support multiple bodies - that is surface bodies.

I recently did some personal work with sheet metal to create an electronics box, and the limitation of one SM part per part annoys me also, and I don't like to work in-context of the assembly. So, I have a workaround for working with multiple sheet metal parts in a single part. I have attached the parts for your reference, but following is my basic procedure.

1) Create first sheet metal part (lower Housing)
2) Make two configurations, a) default b) do not flatten configs.
3) save the part
4) Create a second sheet metal part (upper housing) and immediately insert the first sheet metal part per the "do not flatten" config also bring in absorbed sketches if you desire.
5) Next use the delete face with delete option "Insert>face>delete" and turn inserted lower housing part into a surface body.
6) Now you have all your lower housing references to create your upper housing.
7) You can assembly both into an assembly and make flattened drawings from both.

I just remembered that the attached file is 2008 SP4EV so you'll have to wait a bit (a week or so) to see it but the steps above are basically the workflow.

Hope this helps