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64 Bit Issues

Question asked by Lars Larsen on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2008 by Matt McKendrick
I am a former Inventor user, who made the jump to Solidworks 2008, and it's been a series of non-stop issues running it on XP X64. I bought a Dell Precision 690, with dual FX 4600 cards, 16 gigs of ECC memory, and dual 3.37 dual core xeon processors. SW was extremely slow on the system, and after changing out several components, Dell sent me a brand new system, after re-seler suggested that I try re-installing the OS, which the computer didn't like. There are several other issues that show up in 64 bit that don't show up on my 32 bit laptop install. Toolbox takes over a minute to drop a single fastener on the drawing, almost instantaneous on laptop. I can't insert cosmetic threads in 64 bit. The punch holder takes over 4 minutes to rebuild in 64 bit, 80 seconds on my laptop (Dell Precision M6300). I really like some of the features in SW, which is why I bought it, instead of upgrading from Inventor 9, but to date, it has been a huge dissapointment. I dont know if anyone else is having similar issues, but I have a small fortune in new computers and software, that do not work as well as my old release of Inventor. Any ideas on how to improve the performance?