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    Hole Table calls out wrong side

    Mark Schulz
      I have noticed that when using the hole table with a flat patern for sheet metal the callout for counter sunk holes made with the hole wizard is stating that the counter sink is on the wrong side. (WHEW long sentance) Has anyone else seen this behavior. If you show hidden lines the counter sink is defietly on the far side but the hole table says near side. We are using SW2007 SP2.1. Any sugestions?

        • Hole Table calls out wrong side
          Eric Brown
          Hi Mark,

          I am noticing very similar behavior, but not with a sheet metal part. And, we are not using a hole tbale in our case. It's just a 'plain' part with metric countersunk holes for flat head screws. The hole callout annotation is getting the near and far sides mixed-up.

          I found this post after searching for others with my problem. Did you ever get a resolution to your problem?

          I am using SW 2008 SP5.0

          • Hole Table calls out wrong side
            John Lhuillier
            It appears that it uses the position of the csink when the hole was created and not according to the view you've placed on your drawing. It does this with standard hole callouts as well.