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Always work with the latest version of files

Question asked by Wayne Tiffany on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2008 by Spencer Smith
I have long felt that we were not always presented with the latest versions of files and this morning we have verified such an example.

The user had yesterday opened an assy that is in the vault. Last night I updated that assy and several of the parts/assy's in that assy. This morning he opened that assy from inside SW and was presented with what was in his cache, not what I had updated last night.

His open sequence was to use the File/Open dialog from inside SW, browse to the folder, double-click on the assy file name. He did not use the recent list as we know there isn't a hook into that list to prompt Enterprise to get the latest versions.

So the question is - with the setting set to "Always work with the latest version of files", when is this effective? It obviously was not this morning when opening the assy in SW. Is that setting actually for some other purpose? My expectation would be that with that setting set, any time a user goes to open a file, it will make sure it pulls the latest version of all the files.