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    SWx 2008 hangs every time I........

    Bill Rose
      SWx 2008 hangs every time I move the 3Dcontrol toolbar while an assembly is loading. It will not continue to load the files in the assembly but the menus are still active, or at least they seem to act normally but there's no response to the commands.

      You may be wondering why I would want to move a toolbar while an assembly is loading. The reason is this; The 3Dcontrol toolbar is treated differently from the other toolbars. It refuses to stay where I put it between sessions -- it always jumps down and starts a new toolbar row. It is grayed out when you RMB click in the toolbar area to customize and it's icons cannot be moved, removed or added to. Every time I start a SWx session, I have to move that one toolbar back into place and sometimes I try to do it while a file loads. When I do that, I have to end the SWx process and re-start it.

      Something has changed with this toolbar since SWx 2007. It wasn't broke but they fixed it anyway....Bill
        • SWx 2008 hangs every time I........
          John Lhuillier
          It's probably something that SW will blame on 3DConnexion not making their toolbars compatible to 2008. Are you using a USB controller or do you have the "hacked" serial one. My toolbar is greyed out using a USB Spacepilot on one and 5000FX on another but the toolbars dont move around. I have to turn mine on or off using the 3DControl menu at the top rather than RMB on a toolbar and turning it on or off there.
            • SWx 2008 hangs every time I........
              Bill Rose

              I bought a USB Space Explorer when the serial issue came up. I never tried the hack.

              I can turn it off outside of the RMB menus too. I just wish it would just stay where I put it, but it doesn't. I'd also like to get rid of some of the icons that I don't need but that's not possible using normal means. Maybe a registry edit??

              Anyway, I wonder why moving a toolbar hangs SWx? BTW, any toolbar moved during load will hang SWx -- at least for me. Can anyone duplicated this problem?

              You're probably right, if SWx responds it will likely be to point the finger at 3DConnexion.

                • SWx 2008 hangs every time I........
                  Wayne Tiffany
                  I have never noticed this before. If I move one or both of the toolbars I have up while an assy is loading, it stops the loading of parts. SW doesn't just die to the ground, but the loading stops and then you can't really do anything, including close.

                  I tried the same thing with the 3D controller add-in off to see if that had any effect. Nope - same action.

                  SW2008 XP64 SP3.1