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filename custom property

Question asked by D. chorosy on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2008 by Eddie Cyganik
When I insert a BOM, the default column "PART NUMBER" shows the filename of the parts (RDxxxx) which is fine for the machined parts but not for the standard parts as I save them with a short description as the filename (cap M6x30). However I would like our internal part number to appear instead.
I don't save them with the part number as it means nothing so it will take me ages to find the right one when I am making assemblies for example.

Is there a possibility to set the "PART NUMBER" column in the BOM so it shows the filename if it is a machined part and the "PartNo" property if it is a standard part.
"PartNo" property is where I keep our reference for the standard part, this property does not exist in a machined part file.

I am thinking about: If("PartNo", Then ( display part number, else (display filename))
but I don't know if this is possible nor what would be the synthax

An other solution would be to also create "PartNo" property in the machined parts files so the link in my BOM will always be true. However if I go for that solution I want to be able to link the property to the filename to avoid any typping mistake but so far I haven't managed to do that.

Maybe there is a simpler way to manage standard and machined parts.
I am ready for every suggestion as I will soon have to modify all my files to suit the new internal organisation.