Henry Belch

Submit Cosmos run outside solidworks?

Discussion created by Henry Belch on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by Pete Yodis
I am running some analyses which run for over 2 days on a Dual XEON 64 bit, Win XP-64 machine, 8 GB RAM, blah... blah... blah...

This ties up my SW license (and pretty much entire workstation) for the entire time. I use 2 workstations (one Solidworks, one unix Nastran & Marc) and a laptop for e-mail, research, general office, project planning and presentations etc...

Is there a way to execute a Cosmos Run outside of the Solidworks interface?

Say for instance - RUN: c:/cosmos.exe/"filename",{parameter list},{output file}

I could be much more productive if this is possible.

Thanks in advance.