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DXF created in SolidWorks doesn't match DXF created in DWGEditor!

Question asked by Harry Ludwigsson on Apr 17, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by Harry Ludwigsson
I have a problem with dxf's made in SW.

I recently got a request to do dxf's with positions for our bolt welding NC- machine. So I started out with a test. I drew a sketch in "part mode" and then opened it up in "sketch mode" saving as dxf. When this file is read in to the bolt welding machines software, BolzitW32, it is initially placed in origo (0,0). Then when som preparation button is pressed the whole sketch jumps to the right.

When I draw the same file inDWGEditor and repeat all the steps described above it stays in place.

Now what I wonder is, does solid add some extra info to the dxf?? What can I do to avoid this problem. I don't want to draw the dxf's inDWGEditor since I don't have AutoCAD experience and I find it time consuming just to figure out how the programme works. Drawing the fiels in SW would be a whole lot easier.

I have tried to do the file in SW, open it in the DWGEditor and resave it. Save it as DWG in SW and open it DWGeditor and resave it as a dxf. As soon as SW has anything to do with the file it just jumps out of position, As long as the file is made in DWGEditor it stays in position.

What should I do?