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2007 to 2008 Upgrade Advice

Discussion created by Michael Dekoning on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on May 23, 2008 by Gene Mercer
We are preparing to do our first upgrade and are looking for any tips, tricks, gotchas, best practices, advice, etc. Our objective is to ensure that the upgrade is successful while minimizing the downtime (isn't it always?).

We currently have 4 replicated archive servers and our home base archive server. SQL Server 2005 vault database resides on a cluster server with a separate box running only the database server application (We'd like to move this application to the home base archive server, but not sure if we'll do it as part of this upgrade).

We plan to do this over a weekend in order to lessen the impact on our users. Other than having complete, current backups before we begin, what else should we do? If a catastrophe should occur, how difficult is it to rollback? As this is our first upgrade, should we call in our VAR?