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    2007 to 2008 Upgrade Advice

    Michael Dekoning
      We are preparing to do our first upgrade and are looking for any tips, tricks, gotchas, best practices, advice, etc. Our objective is to ensure that the upgrade is successful while minimizing the downtime (isn't it always?).

      We currently have 4 replicated archive servers and our home base archive server. SQL Server 2005 vault database resides on a cluster server with a separate box running only the database server application (We'd like to move this application to the home base archive server, but not sure if we'll do it as part of this upgrade).

      We plan to do this over a weekend in order to lessen the impact on our users. Other than having complete, current backups before we begin, what else should we do? If a catastrophe should occur, how difficult is it to rollback? As this is our first upgrade, should we call in our VAR?

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          Kevin Holbrook
          With proper backups of the database, archive servers and archive server settings rolling back is fairly easy. Some suggestions however. Since enterprise 2008 supports Solidworks 2007 you may want to consider holding back on the cad upgrade until you can confirm that everything in Enterprise 2008 is working as expected. Keep in mind since you have backups of the database you can move a copy to another sql server and run a mock upgrade, of course you will need the enterprise components.

          The last thing to consider once the upgrade is completed is upgrading the files within the vault to 2008 files. There is a utility to help with this, I would do this in conjunction with the 2008 SW migration.

          Hope this helps
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              Todd Puckett

              Upgrading our 400 Gb vault from PDMWE 2007 to 2008 took 18 hrs on a new x64 server. This was mostly due to the upgrade of the "file vaults". Service Pack upgrades do not make changes to the file vaults. I would make sure your VAR is available for support. I don't think Solidworks offers after hours support.

              I'm not sure why you would want to have both the archive server and database server running on the same server. We started off with that setup, but noticed some increase in performance when we ran them on separate systems. See page 1-3,4 in the Installation Guide. WAN environments should use separate servers.

              Definitely follow Kevin's suggestions. We have needed our backups more than once.

              - TP
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                  Lucas Dexter
                  Just an FYI - I ran the mock update per Kevin's suggestion (and our VAR's). The database is about 600GB and the entire update from 2007 to 2008 took about 2.5 hours - I was very surprised at the time.

                  One thing to mention, there is an SPR 410707 that is keeping me from upgrading our production vault however. It appears as though SW 2008 throws some DLL errors when PDMWE is installed on an x64 machine. It is suppose to be fixed with SP4.0 so apparently not that critical in SolidWorks' eyes.

                  Good luck

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                      Wayne Tiffany
                      I'm not sure what dll errors you are talking about, but I am running PDMWE2008 with SW2008 SP3.1 x64. I have discovered an error in that if PDMWE add-in is turned on, and you have a machine with more than one processor or core, then there can be a timing issue with how the swvbaserver process loads relative to PDMWE & SW. I found that I could introduce a delay into the load by stopping my 3DConnexion driver and making SW ask me for it. Then things would load properly. Or, I can have the PDMWE add-in not load at startup and then turn it on once inside SW. I had some good help narrowing that one down.

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                          Gene Mercer
                          We just went through this on a Friday afternoon with our VAR remotely at the controls a couple of weeks ago (PDMWE 2007 to PDMWE 2008 SP3). Only a small vault and 1 archive server across the water (which against my better judgement IT upgraded the night prior - yes, this caused a couple of very minor glitches during our work on FriDAY but nothing unexpected)

                          We upgraded everything and all was well enough until the client testing. That's when we hit a very major 'show stopper'. (See Hot Fix SPR422616) We had a fix in hand before the other country came in to work, but there was still an inpact as all clients had to at least be remotely touched as people came in to work, not to mention the initial hair pulling and screaming and yelling...

                          I can't speak for how IT will handle the next major upgrade, but I'd be willing to bet it won't be on a weekend! - Just something to consider...