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Copy file from vault automaticlly

Question asked by Eric Martin on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by Jeff Sweeney
We have had our VAR program a pdf creator for Enterpise when a document reashes a state in a workflow. We have only been able to gt this to work for

Solidworks documents (except dwg editor created files)
Word Docs
AutoCad files not created with LT versions. (VAR says PDM will only support Full Blown AutoCad version Documents and not documents created with AutoCadLT)

excel Docs do not work right.
They did not write the code to handle txt documents or PDFs
No we dont want to create a PDF of a PDF :-)
What we wanted it to do was if the document was a pdf the just copy the pdf to the network share where all the other PDFs are. The reason for this is because of the cost associated with implementing PDM I could not get justification for addition Viewer licenses. (We hold 23 contributor Licenses and 15 SW Office Pro Licenses)
So what we do is publish these created PDFs to a share and through Syteline (ERP) we wrote custom programming that when a user is in the item master they can hit ctrl = which will bring up the pdfs for that item.

I cannot figure out how to et the code to copy the pdf file outside of the vault to another directory. It says network path not found.

Does anyone know what API calls I need to copy a file from the vault to a external directory if possible.

We have taken over the coding for this add-in in house because of the costs associated with the original code and I cannot justify to my boss anymore billing associated with this addin.