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adding extrusions to lofted bend sheet metal parts

Question asked by Nathan Dove on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by Victor Smith
I'm a noob so i hope this doesn't piss anybody off. First thing: I have a 'mock' flexible circuit i have created that i need to coil into a spiral. i built the part (very basic) and added sketch bends at each end where needed. my problem is now i can't create the coil (see 1st attachment).

i looked through some posts and decided to create a lofted bend with two spirals on offsetting planes. the coil came out great. now my problem is being able to extrude a boss or add a feature at each end with the sketch that i have created. i drew the sketch for the additions in the flattened state and when folding up the part, my extrusion goes away because the flat-pattern1(parent) is suppressed (with the sketch being the child).

does anyone have any thoughts on this? any response is greatly appreciated.