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Hoeneycomb Pannel Modeling using Sheet Metal Fuctions

Question asked by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Apr 15, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2008 by Mauricio Martinez-Saez
I see some post asking how it is possible in SolidWorks to model a honeycom pannel (two skins with a honeycomb core) using sheet metal fucntions so the pannel can be unfold to a flat state.

Attached is a file showing an example of this "assembly" (skin+core+skin) which will fold and unfold by selecting the "default" or "Flat" configuration at the assembly level.

The resulting file is very large due to the massive geometry of the "core" and to the configurations required to fold and unfold the part from the assembly level.

The JPG files show the fold and unfold states with one of the skins in transparency to show the construction of the "core". The Zip file contain the actual working SW file.

Have fun!