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    drawing views limiting dimensions

    Thomas Campbell
      When drawing a line between views to show projection I need to add an angle callout and am having trouble.For Example when i draw a line between one view to another it will allow me to give an angle only in the view it was started but when I try to get a angle from that line in the other view it says"A DIMENSION CANNOT BE CREATED FROM SELECTED ITEMS". Is there a way to break the realation of that line and the view it was created in?
        • drawing views limiting dimensions
          Mark Kaiser
          I don't think there is a way to break the lines relationship to the view it was created in. I guess you could create another line in the second view and define its angle the same as the first, then take a measurement.

          Can you describe the purpose of measuring the angle to a reference line between two views? Maybe there's another approach to your problem.