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Question asked by Don Aldridge on Apr 15, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2008 by Charles Culp
I am not able to figure out how to dimension holes on a model. I draw the sketch from the right plane and dimension everything out, (no holes yet). When I turn the sketch into the model I use the hole wizard to create the first hole and then the circular pattern tool to to space six holes around the diameter. At this point I need to dimension the hole center from the edge of the part. Nothing I try is working, so what am I missing ? As you can guess I am new to Solid Works as well as the world of CAD so be easy on me. Another hiccup I seem to be having is trying to figure out how to draw wrench flats on the model. Am I wrong in trying to do these steps on the model? I am sure during the essentials class we were doing these types of things on the model.Thanks for any help, Cooper