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sheet metal flat pattern to wrap around pipe

Question asked by 18109 on Apr 15, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2008 by Stephen Bittner
What i have here is some piping connected together with weld, this will be used to hold some hand carts together.(drawing attatched) I'm new to SW and am wondering how I can create a flat pattern in sheet metal of these 3 pipes so we can wrap them around some pipe, cut and fit them. I can make one of these pipes with sheet metal, but when i goto create the next one i get an error with something along the lines of it not being a tab or not connected to the base? So, I tryed to make it a weldment, and trim the pieces with "end miter". Doesnt properly trim them, pieces are overlapping inside. Is there a way it can be created as a weldment, then converted to sheet metal? Maybe i am just approaching this the wrong way, like i said i am new. Any help at all would so greatly be appriciated. thanks in advance! this was created in SW 2008.