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Hole Wizard Callouts

Discussion created by Gary Moore on Apr 14, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2008 by Andy Sanders
When dual dimensioning a drawing with mm primary & inches secondary I am having trouble changing the precision displayed. I am set up to show 2 places for the primary(mm) followed by 3 places for the secondary(inch) by default. When using a hole callout on a Hole Wizard hole if I change the precision of the primary dimension to 1 place it changes the places displayed for the secondary dimension to 1 place also. In the hole callout dialog box it doesn't mater what the precision of the secondary dimension is set to, the setting is ignored & the secondary dimension is displayed as 1 place. I suspect it may be a bug in SW2008 because I didn't have the problem in SW2007. Has anyone else seen this?