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Heat transfer and local rotation region

Question asked by Petar Arabadzhiev on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Petar Arabadzhiev

Good evening , i currently working on project which involve heat transfer and agitation. I was able to successfully set up a model whit free convection heat transfer from which i can see the temperature distribution in the whole volume of the vessel. Backward i can calculate the overall heat transfer coef. , etc.

I did try to set up the a model whit a agitator and a local rotation region. I receive a strange results after a coupe of iterations (note the attached images). My question is: is it possible to do this study whit SW flow simulation ? Is there some recommendation of setting up this study?


Basically the model is a cylinder whit heat exchange coil on the outside wall and a agitator made of inclined straight bars. The model run quite well without the heat transfer. But when i add the heat transfer , i get a very low temperature in the region around the agitator. This happens when i set up a inlet volume flow rate at one side of the coil , and a pressure outlet on the other side. When i set up a surface heat source on the inner wall of the coil and disable the heat conduct in solids the result seems quite normal.

The goal of the study is to obtain the K (w/m2k) values with different type of agitator.


Please excuse my English , it's not my primary language.