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Geometry from axis won't update

Question asked by Sean Reece on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by John Stoltzfus

Hi All


I am attempting to build an assembly that I can change with design tables. What I have is essentially an arm that needs a hole that matches the hole in the hub.


I created a new axis off of the one in the center of the hub. It should (and does) dynamically update to remain in position collinear with the hub axis.


The problem I'm having is that any dimensions that I reference off of this axis seem to break and won't rebuild. If I move the arm closer to the center of the hub, I would expect the axis to update, and then the dimension off of that axis would stay the same, leaving the hole a constant distance away from the center of the hub.


The axis itself moves, but the dimension drops. It seems to just refer to some random point in space. (see attachments).


This is not what I expect solidworks to do, I feel like this was working just fine a couple days ago. Any thoughts? Some setting somewhere I broke?