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    Fatigue analysis

    Chris Champions
      Is there a way to perform a fatigue analysis using CosmosExpress?
      I just want to know how many cycles the model will be broken under certain force
      Thx, Chris
        • Fatigue analysis
          Bill Reuss
          CosmosExpress doesn't include Fatigue analysis capability.

          Follow the link and you can find out what CosmosWorks package you need.
            • Fatigue analysis
              Vince Adams
              Hi guys, assuming that your geometry, forces, and supports are compatible with the limitations of COSMOSXpress, you can utilize these stresses to perform manual fatigue calculations on specific locations using Modified Goodman or the mean stress correction method of your choice. Shigley "Mechanical Engineering Design" or Collins "Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design" are good references for this. Also try www.fatiguecalculator.com.

              If you models don't really fit within the limitations of COSMOSXpress (& surprisingly few do) then the stresses calculated will not be of sufficient quality to bother doing a fatigue calculation on. Not only can you determine stresses in more diverse geometries or loading conditions in COSMOSWorks but the Fatigue solver in COSMOSWorks Professional can combine multiple loads, esitmate multi-directional effects, and provide Factor of Safety plots for the whole system, not just for the individual locations possible in a manual calculation.

              You pretty much need to decide which is appropriate for your engineering challenges.

              Good luck!