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    Cosmos 2008 SP3 Non-Linear Restart broken?

    Michael Atlas
      I've called this into my VAR but while they are checking into it I wondered if anyone has any suggestions....

      I am running Cosmosworks Advanced Professional 2008 SP3 both on XP64 and XP. At first I thought this was only an XP64 problem but I finally checked it this morning and it does it on XP also.

      I am running Non-linear analyses and often start an analysis, run it a step or two, then stop it to check that things are going well before I leave it to run completely. I have recently (since SP3) run into a problem where the analyses don't seem to remember where they are when I do a restart. "The save data for restart" box was checked at the start of the run and the "Restart" box can be selected, but when I do, the start time stays at 0 and the analysis restarts from 0 instead of from the step it was at.

      This USED to work just fine. It is very annoying as I lose hours of computation time whenever I can't restart.

      I have tried almost so far. I've started in a fresh directory, remeshed, rebuilt the study, etc. Sometimes restart works, sometimes it doesn't. I haven't been able to figure out a pattern of what causes it to fail.