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    Cosmos Professional

    Derek Bishop
      I am a mechanical engineer involved in the design of plant for the mining industry. I'm currently evaluating Cosmosworks Professional. I would really appreciate some feedback from people who have used the software.

      Some questions that spring to mind are:
      - What was the application,
      - How did you find the results ie. accuracy,
      - Any problems running the software.


      Derek Bishop
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          Suresh B
          I have been using CosmosWorks for almost 2yrs now.I work for an OEM dealing with Valves and actuator for Oil & Gas industry.
          CosmosWorks is good design analysis tool especially for complex design or profile and saves you a lot of time.The Key is to ensure that you apply your loads and restraints correctly.The results can vary significantly depending upon your loads/restraints so pay close attention to it.
          Depending upon your computer capability runnning a FEA on a large assembly can be taxing your machine pretty good.The FEA report that you can generate from the software indicates the loads you appplied and the resultant output.But it doesn't show its math calculation sheet or where all have you applied the load or restriants in your report print out.However, you can show on the study model by selecting "show loads/restraints" under loads/restraint on the Cosmos analysis manager on the left hand side.
          I always use math calculations to validate my FEA results and sometime i find significant difference in the results. In my industry people are still old school so all our final decision is based on math calculations. And my manager prefers to go with the most conservative result so we are still safe in our design.

          I hope this helps
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              Vince Adams
              Hi Suresh, thanks for the input. I have a question for you... When you find that COSMOSWorks results don't match your hand-calculations, is this because you have to simplify your problem for the calculations but solve the more complex geometry in COSMOSWorks? In my experience, if you analyze the same system you use for your hand calcs, you get the same answer. I've attached a few images that illustrate this.

              If you believe that your problems (hand calc vs. COSMOSWorks) are identical but yield different results, can you share some of these? You can post them or send them to me directly at vadams@solidworks.com. If you could fax your hand calcs that correspond to the parts, I'd like to look at them too. (Fax# 847-589-1008)


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                  Suresh B

                  I am glad that I got your attention. It is a good sign that people in solidworks do care about the end user and their issues. Please give me some time and I will dig out the exact analysis that was in question. I will email you the FEA and the PDF version of the math calculation done using Mathcad for your review. I welcome your input.

                  Could you please tell me, how to attach a screen shot along with my post here in the forum? (similar to what you did in your message).