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    Printing troubles

    Corey Hinman
      I dont' know if anyone else has seen this behavior, but when printing drawings of some larger assemblies the system just hangs. It seems random among assembly families, but consistent with specfic items.

      I've tried several different printers, printing from a Terminal Server, etc. Anyone have any similar troubles?
        • Printing troubles
          Jeff Sweeney
          Do you think it is the fault of PDMWE?

          My first though was that your printers don't have enough memory and your print drivers are set to send the entire spool at one time.
            • Printing troubles
              Andrew Riemer
              We're seeing the same (or a similar) problem here. It's not that the print job hangs, but that SolidWorks hangs when our users try to print. Then SolidWorks needs to be killed via TaskManager, and in some situations they need to reboot.

              It is happening intermittantly--some weeks it will only happen once or twice. Other weeks, it happens 3-4 times a day for each user. We are taking a huge productivity hit, and management is starting to question the investment we've made in this software.

              All of the affected machines include graphics cards that passed SW testing, and all machines are running WinXP Pro (x64). Our 32-bit users are not experiencing crashes on a regular basis.