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    Section view note

    krishna cn
      In one of my drawings having a sectional view, the note below the view "SECTION A-A" is missing (Deleted by mistake).
      I have tried adding a note having the same properties, but this never updates if the Section name is changed.
      a) Is there a way to get my original note back (The file has been saved many times)?
      b) If I insert a new note how do I make it associative to the Section name so that the note changes when the Section name is changed from A to B?
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          Troy Peterson
          As far as I know you cannot get the original text back. You can add a note and link it to the view. To do this create a note with an arrow, the arrow should be touching a line or face of the view then change the note to not show the arrow. Now the note is linked to the view and will move with the view.
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              Eddie Cyganik

              Troy is correct,

              Without recreating the view, there isn't anyway to get the view caption back.

              Sorry, Rant ON:
              It has been like this forever. SolidWorks refuses to fix or even address these types of stupid little things. This is the kind of stuff that really irks me because there is never an answer.

              So, you could call your VAR or you could call SolidWorks Support but you might as well call your girlfriend cause she can't do anything about it either but the conversation will be better.
              Rant OFF