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Why is my model not able to reach equilibrium

Question asked by T. Ke on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by T. Ke

Hi there,


I'm doing a pretty basic simulation in Solidworks (picture shows the model) and I keep getting that error about equilibrium not being reached.

I've created contact sets between all the faces (non-penetration), so the max possible sliding around is about 1-2mm of any part.


I guess the sliding is the only thing I can see that is creating this problem. If so, is there any way to limit it?


If that's not it, any other responses to this query appreciated.

One other part (perhaps for a different thread) is that when I did get a sim working for this set up (it was on the occasion when it stopped half way but let me keep the results) is the stress in the bottom "pin" (that bolt-like thing holding the slender cylinder to the bottom bracket) the pin experienced a stress of 81 MPa. That seems very high given the load is just that rectangular bar under gravity alone. Thoughts on whether or not something might be skewing the results?