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CNC virtual mfg simulation???

Question asked by Sam S on Apr 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2008 by Bradley Grzesiak
I am trying to simulate an automated CNC assembly line with 8 robots and 6 machining centers. I would like to show the robots picking up and moving the component being machined and I need to see the cnc machine "machining" (at least in some rudimentry fashion) the part then the robot should move the machined part back to the conveyor and load the machine with the next component.

Eventually we would like this to become a virtual manufacturing simulation for every cnc line we have.

1. Should I be using animator for this or CosmosMotion or something else entirely?
2. How can I use the animator to make the robot pick up and move another component?
3. I would envision creating an individual animation for every station for a given assembly (within on sldasm document) so that the animation for a given station can be ran independently of the others but I also want to be able to play the entire simulation for that assembly line. I do not see a way to play all animation tabs sequentially, is that possible?