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questions on constraints

Question asked by Tom Mathieson on Apr 10, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2008 by Tom Mathieson
I have a question on constraints in sketching that i have not been able to answer, or figure out. i may be missing something. in the attached pictures, i want to place a line that passes thru the center plane of the HSS that can be seen. i start my sketch, select line, then move my cursor over the HSS until the center point hilites. i then move my cursor up above the mid point to the approximate position i want my line to start. in the 1st pic, you can see the dotted line going from the modpoint to my cursor. i always assumed that this meant that my line end point would be , in this case, vertically aligned to the midpoint. alas, it is not. after picking my start point, i go and pick my end point, and the line turns up blue. it is not constraint to the midpoint of the HSS at all!!!

my question is, why does teh software hilite this point, shows a dashed line that shows you are lined up with it, but not constraint the line to the point??

another question... why, in a sketch, can you not position a point coincident to a line end point, BUT, you can put that point anywhere in space, then pick the point AND the same end point you originally wanted, and then pick coincident and the point will jump to the line's end point?