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    Selection of Items in Detail Views


      I cannot seem to select certain items in Detail views, such as temp axis lines and sketch entities. I checked all of the Display/Selection items under Options, and everything seems to be fine, but these items I cannot select. Any ideas?

        • Selection of Items in Detail Views
          Sven-Erik Nilsson
          In the detail view manager, tic on "Full outline" and see if it helps.
          It has helped me when I not was able to dimension a detail view.
          After I added the dimension I could turn off the Full outline again.
          It is obviously a bug in SW 2006. I don´t know if it has been solved.
            • Selection of Items in Detail Views
              Eddie Cyganik

              I have not heard of this as a possible work-around.


              Have you tried this yet?

              Additionally; Showing items (dimensions, annotations, etc.) in Detail views is an on-going problem with SolidWorks. This issue is like a lot of the idiosyncrasies in SolidWorks. The basic functionality is there but it just doesn't work corectly and it never gets fixed!

              So, here is another "SolidWork-Around":

              When having difficulties with Detail Views, such as Switching Dimensions from a parent view or Inserting Model Items or Selecting Geometry; Expand the detail view circle until the entire feature or edge or surface is visible and try again. Once your operation is complete, change the detail circle back to its original size.

              I've had much success using this method, not 100% but I've managed to keep reference dimensions to a minimum.

              Good Luck to You.
                • Selection of Items in Detail Views
                  scott morley
                  Don & Eddie

                  i have had trouble too with detail views. sometime i try to out think it. i usaully go to the detail view click on it then go over to the tree and render it. after that i would put it back to hidden lines or no hidden line view, it sort of rebuilds it. the other thing you can do is edit the sketch which it was created from. select the chain then do ok. it some time works as an rebuild to.


                  Additionally; Showing items as only work on views that have not been sectioned. i have tried many time to place something on a section view that i wanted but could not. i find it only work on just plain non-section views.