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Admin Option Editor Questions

Question asked by Tom Helsley on Apr 9, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2008 by Tom Helsley
So, I'm finally trying to setup an admin image for my initial deployment of 2008, and I'm trying to understand what the admin option editor does (besides edit the "AdminDirector.xml" file - Duh).

All answers to the questions below are greatly appreciated:

1. What's the point in assigning users?

2. What's the point in assigning groups?

3. If I login to each computer and run the install, then is it going to use my user settings (serial numbers) each time?

4. Can I use Computer ID's instead of users?

5. Why do users and groups both prompt for serial numbers? Is it so the group serial numbers can be used if the user serial numbers are omitted? What if I have serial numbers entered for both the user and the user's group and they are different - which serial numbers will get used? What if the user's group serial numbers are left blank, but the user's serial numbers are entered?

6. If I assign a fixed license Office Pro serial number for SolidWorks, but then assigned the network license office premium license for COSMOSWorks and COSMOSMotion, what will happen during the installation?

7. What if I don't configure the AdminDirector.xml" file?

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