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    Hole Callout "THRU ALL"

    Paul McGarr
      How do I cahnge the default text for thru holes when using hole callout? My thru holes always say "THRU ALL", and I want them to say "THRU".

      THRU ALL implies that there are multiple walls to go through even though that's not true.

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          Larry Burton
          You need to modify the text of the call out in the SW document "calloutformat.txt" for at least the standard you are using. Actually, if you edit it in notepad, you can use the Edit/Replace command and change them all at once.
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            Dale Dunn
            Use "up to next" whenever possible when creating THRU holes. Using "Through all" in the HW tells SW to go through any number of faces, so the callout is actually correct to the design intent you passed to SW.

            I have a hard time remembering to do this.
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              Mark Kaiser
              I'm guessing you're using the hole wizard and the hole callout it gives you. I'm not very familar with this, so this is a guess, but there's probably a .txt file buried in the SW directory somewhere that you could change to how you like.

              But... I think the way that most people handle this is by creating dimension favorites. You can set up dimension favorites any way you like (tol, text, etc.), save them in a common folder, and reuse them.