Tom Goplin

query info is taking forever on check in

Discussion created by Tom Goplin on Apr 9, 2008
When I am checking anything in or out of the vault the query info status box comes up and starts like normal. But after a second or so it slows down to an absolute crawl. It doesn't always bog down in the same place or the same file. The assembly has 118 parts on it. No external references, advanced mates or complex geometry. It takes me 25 minutes to check in a file that takes my co-workers approx. 25 seconds because the damn query info box takes forever to do whatever it is doing. The problem is isolated to my machine. I am not searching for drawings and i have about 1500 files in my pdm working folder. I have been through all the settings checks with our service provider and he is presently stumped. I hae tried to run the PDMWorks cleanup off of the explorer but that just freezes up and I have to stop it with the task manager. I am very frustrated and I was just wondering if anybody has had a similar experience.

SW Premium 2007/PDMWorkls Work Group 2007, both SP5.0