Jack Ridel

Suppessing Cosmetic Thread in Design Tables

Discussion created by Jack Ridel on Apr 9, 2008
Hello All,
I am wanting to supress a cosmetic thread within the design table

Design Table for: Part1
$PRP@PartNo $PRP@Title B@Extrude1 C@Cosmetic Thread1 D@Cosmetic Thread2 $STATE@Cosmetic Thread2
AN30071 AN30071 MACHINED STUD M4 6 5 1 S
AN30074 AN30074 MACHINED STUD M4 16 15 1 S
AN30178 AN30178 MACHINED STUD M4 23 22 1 S
AN30092 AN30092 MACHINED STUD M4 30 29 1 S
AN30091 AN30091 MACHINED STUD M4 35 34 1 S
AN30109 AN30109 MACHINED STUD M4 38 37 1 S
AN30191 AN30191 MACHINED STUD M4 64 9 9 U
AN30462 AN30462 MACHINED STUD M4 75 10 10 U
AN30230 AN30230 MACHINED STUD M4 105 20 20 U
AN30405 AN30405 MACHINED STUD M4 110 20 10 U
AN30120 AN30120 MACHINED STUD M4 174 12 12 U

If you can make sence of what i have put up... basical the table has 6 headings;$PRP@PartNo, $PRP@Title, B@Extrude1, C@Cosmetic Thread1, D@Cosmetic Thread2, $STATE@Cosmetic Thread2

For the I am producing a set of simple m4 studs that in some instances have thead at both ends and others only have it at one end.

C@Cosmetic Thread1 gives the length for the thead that is in existance on all studs.

D@Cosmetic Thead2 give the lengh for the thead that is in existance on some of the Studs, on the instances where there is to be no cosmetic thead I have given the value for D@Cosmetic Thread2 as 1.

$STATE@Cosmetic Thread2 is either S or U, S when suppressed and I put the value at 1.

When the parts are made none of the instances have the thread suppressed and none of them are only 1mm long?!

Any help Please.