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    Install "swSettings.sldreg" Using Regedit.exe

    Darren Smith

      Can anybody help????

      Does anybody know how I can Install "swSettings.sldreg" using RegEdit.exe?

      I am trying to create an install program for use at work so that I can install "swSettings.sldreg" on multiple machines, rather than using the copy settings wizard.

      Many thanks in advance!!!!


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          Solid Air

          I normally just export the entire SolidWorks 20XX key from the registry after getting the settings the way I want them; have not had any problems with the computers it is copied to not being the same model.


          But to answer your question. Below is a screen shot of the output using copy setting wizard (left) and regedit export (right).  Except for the heading, they look the same to me.  For a test you could change the header on the copy setting wizard file to match the header from the regedit file (i.e. delete the first two rows in the SW file and replace it with the first row from the regedit file), then run it using regedit.exe  After that, open SW and see what happens.  I would recommend exporting the SolidWorks 20XX key before doing this so you can restore it if things go awry.


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            Anna Wood

            Usually just double clicking on the sldreg file will install the reg keys.


            This will work from the command prompt   regedit.exe /s <filename>


            How to create batch file to install reg file - Configuration - Windows 7


            Be sure your IT dept hasn't disabled being able to run reg edit files.   Many do for security reasons.