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    Continuous Casting - Fluid flow + thermal

    Ben Floan
      I'm modeling a continuous casting steel mould for research related project in Fluent... solidification (freezing) mushy zone is handled as porous media....accounts for latent heat as well as calculation of pull velocity. It seems apparent that Flowworks (sim. gov. eq.'s) should be able to handle this... though the "dots" have not been connected from a coding standpoint. Thoughts anyone...
        • Continuous Casting - Fluid flow + thermal
          Basil Gello
          you can model the fluid + thermal analysis, but considering other casting features like porous media etc it is impossible to simulate using Flo.
          About the first my statement, have you ever seen the 'Use FloWorks results' tab in CosmosWorks? That is the answer on your question. And, IMHO, if you are simulating the solidification process, it would be much faster and more accurate to use the special software like ProCAST of Magma.

          Regards, Basil
            • Continuous Casting - Fluid flow + thermal
              Ben Floan

              Thanks for the follow-up. I actually did model the fluid + thermal first in Flo then moved on to Fluent. I'm not sure what you mean by 'use FloWorks results' tab?

              Also, are you saying that ProCast is more accurate in approximation of solidification/freezing than Fluent? I certainly don't know... I've been teaching myself Fluent for the last 10 days and any advice is appreciated. I know it is only an approximation, but Fluent seams to do have a number of nice features built into their solidification melting gov. equations.

              We are modeling the casting so that we can predict residual stress during mould formation and plot stress history. It seemed possible that the same gov. equations that fluent uses for solidification / melting are already built into Flo, just they haven't been combined for a model approximation (using porous media to approximate deaccl. during phase change) + latent heat in energy equ.