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not a sw topic, but an admin one.

Question asked by Tom Mathieson on Apr 8, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2008 by Tom Mathieson
Hi All,

this is not directly related to SW, but is an Administration/OS problem.

i have a directory with some of my client files in it, and i cannot see it in Windows Explorer. it was working fine until yesterday, but now, it does not show up. the directory is there, and i an access it if it type the directory's name in the address bar..

i have checked the attributes, and it is not 'hidden', and i have 'show hidden files and folders' checked.

also, i copied teh directory to another disk, and it still doesn't show up. but again, i can type teh name in teh address bar, and boom, it's there...

any ideas, anyone?