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Need Advice on a new computer

Question asked by John Huntington on Apr 8, 2008
Latest reply on May 1, 2008 by Allen Arends
Need Advice on a NEW system!!

Basically I was just informed today they need to get a new hire a computer so they want to give him my old one and they want to build me something more powerful and they are asking what I want, money to a sense is no object (but of course I want it to be with in reason).

This is my current system

Windows XP
Intel Duo Core 2.4GHZ
4G ram (XP only sees 3G)
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4400 (500 Meg CAD Video card)

The system I have now is fine for the most part but when I flatten these 3D images into drawings, even with memory saving tricks like using displays instead of configurations it really bogs down my system.


First off on operating system, I much rather have XP over Vista because of compatibility issues people in my field have ran into. But I assume Vista can recognize more ram than XP? Because one of the reasons I crash time to time is "system out of recourses" if Vista can fix this I will just go with it, or do I need to move to something like 64bit?

Hard Drive
I figure the fastest thing out would be Solid state drives, are these out yet? And is the cost practical, I really would like the fastest thing out there for data transfer rate or at least the second best. Storage is not a real huge issue since I will be server storing most of my data when the project is complete.

What's the fastest ram out now? And referring to vista, what does it cap at?

Graphics Card
Quadro video cards are expensive, as far as 3D rendering and performance my old does just fine (PCIx slot) it can be a little choppy if I turn on realism graphic display but nothing to bad, but I might check into prices and go ahead and upgrade to the 1gig version.

What would you recommend CPU wise for multi tasking and performance? AMD or Intel?

If someone can point me into the right directions I will really appreciate it.