Karen Brunke

How do I get SW to stop reporting warnings (color) on imported components

Discussion created by Karen Brunke on Apr 8, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2008 by Anna Wood
I have a large imported file (step) from a customer. It is an assy saved as a part as step, so it has MANY bodies. It has a bunch of sweep and loft type features that come in with lots of errors. I can use the part with the errors, but I do need SW to stop reporting them. If I run import diagnostics, it takes forever, and I have to work on individual faces (60-100 bad in each model, most won't fix). Is there a way to run it agains only one feature or body?

If I needed the part fixed, I wouldn't mind spending the time, but I don't. However, the part shows that it has errors which makes every assembly it is in show that there are errors. That is confusing for everyone.