Vijay M Patil

Numerous problems in SW 2008

Discussion created by Vijay M Patil on Apr 8, 2008
Greetings from India.

Have done fresh install of SW 2008 and for quite some time it did work good for about a month or so.

About a month and half back, i did try to save a drawing as pdf and got an error saying error in loading the sldpdfu.dll. After this the repair was done without any solution. Hence a uninstall was done and reinstall was done and we got the same error.
On browsing the forum, i did find out a SW clean Unistall file and did the clean uninstall but unsuccessful.
Then uninstall was done, files/folders were manually deleted and registry was cleaned using 'Registry Clean Expert', and SW 2008 was again installed.
Even after struggling and trying various still have the following problems.
1. Hole Wizard when clicked, error says out of memory or corrupted mdb file or not accessing it. The mdb file is in local drive d:/solidworks data .
2. Unable to take print as pdf thru adobe, inspite of having Adobe Acrobat professional 8.0 and neither can save the drawing as pdf.

Would anyone be of some help.