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Dissection Temp Files

Discussion created by Whit Elliott on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2008 by 1-D88IXC
Two months ago I turned off (or so I thought) the 'not yet ready for prime time' Dissection feature, I also uninstalled the Desktop Search junk.

Today I found a folder in the Solidworks Folder named Dissection, in it are 59,439 files in 2039 folders totaling 486Mb... of temp files, I don't even have 59000 cad files.

Why, if I unchecked the box in System Options > Search two months ago, does Swx access these files today.

Can I delete these Dissection folders without screwing up SW2008 even worse? I'm not using the Design ClipArt.

I've been using SW since 2001, this is the worst one I've yet seen.

Come on SW, get your software working properly, there are other choices out there...

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