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    Faint Dimensions

    Mahesh Joglekar
      2 basic question
      1) What settings I need to change to make manually added dimensions on drawings of same darkness as original model driven dimensions?
      2) When adding a section view on a drawing ..I am unable to mate the section line within the view!
      Help appreciated
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          Matt Lombard
          For the first question, go to Tools, Options, Colors, Dimensions, non-imported (driven), and set it to black.

          I'm having difficulty understanding your second question. A screen shot maybe?
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            Brian Cayer

            The section line placement seem a little iffy. You can't place the line then mate it. You must first hover over the point you want the line to intersect then drag without any mouse clicks to where you want the line to start. Be careful not to loose the association to the original point and LMB to start the line. Go to the other end of the line and LMB. For me it sometimes takes several tries.

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                Matt Lombard
                Oh, he's talking about adding sketch relations to the section line sketch.

                The best way to do this is to draw the line before hitting the Section button. So draw the line in the view, use sketch relations (not mates) to locate it, then select the sketch entity you want to project the section from, and click the Section View button on the Drawing toolbar.
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                David Goodfield
                If you have already performed the sketch you can right click on it in the feature tree and "edit sketch" then use relations on the line as you wish.

                Make sure you re-select the line before closing the sketch though or it goes tits up
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                    Nigel Bennett
                    David's right about selecting the line; if you add any more lines to create a joggled section when editing the section line sketch, you need to select them all immediately before exiting the sketch - otherwise you get the upturned digit from SW and it ignores what you've added!

                    Edit: I leave my added dims as gray, but make sure I check the "Black & white" radio button in the page setup menu when printing the drawing. That way I know which ones I can alter in the drawing! /Edit