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point sets

Question asked by Tom Mathieson on Apr 6, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2008 by Tom Mathieson
Hi All,

i am looking for an easy way to create a point set along a curve, be it a line, arc, etc. a good example is placing points on an arched surface, say a 1500mm chord, and placing the points every 100mm. it would be nice if i could just pick the arc, and say 15 points evenly spaced, or as many as you can get at 100mm, or 75 or whatever.

now the way i do it, (not saying this is right or the only way), is to place the points on the arc, then go back and add an arclength dim between each point. very tedious.

i know i used to be able to do this with other software...

any light on this would be greatly appreciated