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    I sent my VAR a Problem Capture report, now what?

    Sarah Dwight

      So I re-discovered a problem with the hole wizard feature and realized I could recreate it over and over. Unfortunately I thought I had fixed it thrice before I realized it was not fixed!!

      So I decided to try the SW Rx Problem Capture for the first time.

      Everything went more-or-less smoothly and I was able to capture the problem as well as a solution(to my surprise!).

      I added a lengthy explanation of the problem and emailed the zipped files to my VAR.

      Now what can I expect? Does this get things fixed?

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          Tom Gagnon

          This depends on two things: the quality of your VAR, and where the problem is.


          Assuming a good quality VAR, the problem could be in your file(s), your registry, your SWx settings, your environment, or the software. If it is the software, it will be advanced for a bug report (SPR?) to hopefully be fixed in a future release, meaning no fix. If the problem is in something within your control, your VAR should either be able to help guide you to the solution, or escalate it if they can't figure it out which will result in a delayed but improved help to guide you to the solution.


          I have experienced both a bug report and solvable problems with my VAR, and the V stands for value. If paying a sub, use them to your advantage.