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sw2008 save as DXF...

Question asked by Ilpo Viiliainen on Apr 5, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2008 by Bob Van Dick
In Sw2008 you can save a sheetmetal part directly as DXF, no drawing (slddrw) needed.
That is a new functionality...I encountered one proble though...
When I save my sheetmetal part as DXF, even if one of the options: remove bend lines, is checked the tangent edges of the bends still remain visible, when I open the DXF-file, that I just saved.
How can I get rid of those annoying tangent edge lines?
Opening this DXF using, say dwg-editor and deleting those lines manually is not an option, really they shouldn't be there at all.

Or maybe there are some things I haven't noticed, when creating this sheetmetal part.
Any ideas ?