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    Costum properties from part to drowing

    Antonio Cavka


      I am using SW 2016 and work with Tab builder.

      I set up all custom properties that i needed and in 3d they show fine.

      How can i display all those custom properties in drawing? or can i not do that

      In tab builder i save files for part,assembly and drawing  and it works fine  for part and assembly but not for drawing.Screenshot_1.png




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          Glenn Schroeder

          I don't believe you can link model properties to drawing properties, but you can use model properties in notes in drawings.  The method I use is to click on the "Link to Property" icon in the note's PropertyManager.



          That will bring up the dialog box shown below.  If you'll make the selections it's showing near the top then you can select the desired property from the "Property name:" drop-down.  Some people type in the proper syntax in a note to link to the property, but I prefer using the icon and drop-down.  Does this help?