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    Equations in a general table

    Tom Fosler
      I have a basic General Table that I am using as a Finish Chart. It has four columns: Part #, Description, Color, and Spec No. I basically want to use an equation to show the base file's description and the adjacent color cell, as in the equation:

      =$PRPSHEET:"Description", C1

      Where the description is the standard custom property of the base view, and C1 is the cell reference. It pulls in the description fine, but the only result for C1 is numeric, a 0. The Solidworks Help says this:

      "Use the # symbol in front of a column heading item (for example, #'PART NUMBER'). This syntax ignores non-numeric text in the calculation. If you do not use this syntax and an item includes non-numeric characters, the value appears as 0.0."

      I think that may only be for BOM tables and not the General Table. If I change my C1 value to a number, it pulls the number; if it is text, it only returns 0. Is there any way I can pull a textual value from a cell in a general table? Your input is greatly appreciated!!