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    Engraved part number

    Jeff Hamilton
      We have revently switched from ProE to Solidworks. Our model shop has previously been ProE datum curve features as a tooling path for machining part numbers into our parts. This was apparently done by inserting a single line font of the part number ito a sketch and converting it to a datum curve. The cam software could read the datum curve feature and use it a a tool path for machining the part number into the metal.
      Now we are using Solidworks with the same cam software (Pro Maufacture). While I have found a single line font, the Solidworks models have to be imported into the ProE based cam software and sketches don't translate. Creating composite curves also doesn't work easily either.
      I can use a double line font and extrude a text driven cut directly into the model. The problem with that is that it generates more machine time than following a single line tool path. Also, some double line fonts are not parallel with rounded corners and also generate alot of unnecessary machining time.
      For the moment we are looking at putting this in on the cam end.

      How is everyone else handling this?