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multi-surface loads

Question asked by mike ekbundit on Apr 4, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2008 by Fernando Cuenca
I have a weldment that is to be bolted to another. Therefore, I applied loads through the tapped holes (16 holes, no threads). When I apply a force, choose the tapped hole surfaces(parallel cylinders), and set the magnitude, I get a result that is 10-15x higher than if I apply the load through the mating surface.

For clarity, the part is basically a hollow cylinder with a circular bolt pattern on one end, with the bolt holes running parallel to the cylinder axis 1.5in deep from the mating face. The mating face is a flat plane.

Why would I have such a big difference in test results? Does CosmosWorks apply the full load magnitude to each bolt hole when I choose multiple surfaces? Or does it evenly distrbute the force among the 16 holes?

As a reference, I built this part and tested it in real life. Loading the mating face in CosmosWorks gave results much closer to the real test.

Thanks in advance.